Derek & Terra Mulliner

Derek Mulliner was first introduced to ceramics while in high school. After four or five years of throwing pottery he took a break of over 20 years . He is now able to spend time throwing at his home studio and his studio located adjacent to Ivanpah Dry Lake where the ancient Anasazi’s once lived. One of Derek’s favorite earth glazes is made from the clay of this dry lake bed. Over the years he has built several kilns and his most recent project is a wood-burning soda salt kiln. He enjoys learning new techniques and experimenting with glazes. Derek is a member of the Nevada Clay Guild and enjoys his association with fellow potters through Pottery West of Las Vegas and Aardvark Clay and Supplies. He is married, has four children and 8 wonderful grandchildren who love to play in “papa’s” studio!!

 Terra Mulliner was born and raised in Southern California, raised four children in Santa Clara, Utah, and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She has been 'throwing' pots for about 3 years, encouraged by her husband, Derek, a potter of many years, and other expert potters at Pottery West, Las Vegas.  "Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of the flowers that grew in my mother's garden.  Nature inspires me and I love the process of carving or painting the image of a beautiful flower, leaf, or insect on my porcelain pieces."

Shown are examples of Terra and Derek's work.  Call or e-mail for price and additional visuals.