Patrick Shannon

Patrick Shannon has been living in the beautiful hardwood forest of northern Minnesota for most of his adult life.  Nature, art and the legacy of the indigenous people continue to provide inspiration and direction for his work.  His career began with clay (hand-built pottery and sculpture) and after many years he shifted to metal, primarily copper and steel.  The work is a result of many different techniques and usually involves incorporation of a multiformity of material including such things as natural reed, wood pieces, stone, etc.

Most of the copper pieces are initially formed by spinning that begins with shearing the metal into a round.  The resulting disc is spun and with the aid of a stylus, formed into a bowl shape.  Usually welding takes place and the bowl shape is ground removing all scratches and taking the metal down to new clean metal.  The colors are achieved by using an oxygen/acetylene torch.  A commercial lacquer is then applied which chemically bonds with the copper and protects the colors.  The copper that Shannon uses is top quality pure copper in a thickness of .040 or .050.

Cleaning can be accomplished with the use of a damp sponge or cloth.  Do not use commercial copper cleaners, as it will damage the lacquer finish.

Shown are samples of Patrick's art work.  Call or e-mail for price and additional visuals.