Karen Snyder

A decade ago what started as a hobby driven by a lifetime passion for geology, and the tradition of rock hounding left by her grandfather, is a self-trained stone facetor, she spent many years perfecting her techniques and created amazing stones but needed a way to finish them.  Experimenting with precious wire followed.  While exploring wire and its limits, Karen developed a process that creates a “lace” of silver reminiscent of the handmade lace and filigree of the past.  Each element is handcrafted and she uses no solder.

While Karen was developing her talents, Dale learned lampwork.  The process is creating glass beads, implosions and marbles using a propane oxygen torch.   Working in soft glass, he has created amazing glass beads and pieces we use in our work.  Dale has become a master of his craft in the past 15 years, Dale’s newest technique is imploding soft glass to make amazing pendants. Just for fun, Karen started faceting them and something new was born.  Every week new things are coming from the studio and we cannot wait to see what is next.

We have been showing and selling our creations throughout the west at juried art shows as Entiat River Glass and Jewelry.  Our work has received 5 major awards, including:

Best of Show jewelry at Spokane’s Artfest,  2009 

Craftsmanship award, Issaquah Salmon Days   2010 & 2013

Best of Show, Lake Oswego festival of the arts 2012

Best of Show, St. George Art Festival .  2014

Shown are examples of Karen's work.  Call or email for price and additional visuals.