Lynette Thompson

I am continually challenged as an artist to express the creativity of the spirit in my soul on canvas, creativity that lies beneath my level of consciousness and emerges as I engage with the tools of my trade.

Being mindfully present in the world broadens my perceptual scope and allows me to be inspired by the commonplace and the sublime. The beauty of a book, an animal, or the desert landscape that pervades my environment inspires and motivates my creative process.

Using traditional mediums, I love to juxtapose the colors, textures, and a variety of materials to fully integrate chosen elements of my environment into a work of art. My preferred tool is my palate knife and my favorite material is Gesso that I blend with sand, metal, copper, twigs and other materials thus giving my art an organic, multi-layered, richly textured, integrated feel.

Since moving to St. George, I have been afforded the opportunity to be more productive and creative.  Like my desert surroundings, my art is constantly changing and evolving.

Shown are examples of Lynette's work.  Call for price and additional visuals.