Janet Trobough

In 1998, after a long beauty and fashion career in the Pacific Northwest, I decided to take a giant leap of faith and pursue a dream that at times seemed impossible.  I had painted in oils for many years, self taught, and filled the walls of my salon with my paintings as well as those of professional artists from among my clientele.

Having visited Sedona, Arizona on a regular basis, I knew I had to move west. I moved to a small bedroom community outside Las Vegas, Nevada.  This was a second career for me, so I started immediately painting on a daily basis.

My formal introduction to watercolor was provided by Max Bunnell who had been the local art teacher as well as a professor of art at Dixie State College in Southern Utah. Having been self taught, primarily in oils, the courses offered by Mr. Bunnell offered the best opportunity to learn many of the more subtle techniques demanded by watercolor.

I enjoy sculpture, and have worked in alabaster, soapstone, and on the surface of gourds. My interest in Native American Culture comes quite naturally, my maternal grandparents where half Cherokee from Oklahoma.  Although I love painting Native American figurative, I also enjoy landscapes and floral subjects.

I was represented by the Art Encounter of Las Vegas for many years and had the opportunity to display and sell my work in Sedona, Arizona, South Lake Tahoe, California and throughout Southern Nevada.

Shown are samples of Janet's work.  Call or e-mail for price and additional visuals.