Shanda Ziegler

            I mainly work with copper wire where I will twist, weave, coil, solder, hammer, flame color, apply a patina, and do pretty much anything else I can think of.  Most of my jewelry is designed in my head but sometimes I will draw out the design and once in a while I will just make a jewelry piece without a plan.  Many of those designs will have spirals which I love to add because of their simplicity.  One of the goals I would like to achieve with my jewelry is to have a more sculptural appearance so that my jewelry will look like miniature wearable sculptures. 

                  I currently live in Saint George, Utah with my husband and two children.  In my spare time I like to run, dabble in other artistic endeavors, and spend time with my family.

Shown are examples of Shanda's jewelry.  Call for price and additional visuals.