Sylvi Harwin

I started making and selling jewelry when I was in high school! I then studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art, then in art schools in France and Mexico, and finally at San Diego State University.

I created my own technique of anodizing and dyeing aluminum, an electro-chemical technique which makes the metal reactive to special dyes. My technique has been published and is unique to me. This technique gives me complete control over my artistic creations and the quality of my product, as well as a huge pallette of vibrant colors and tonalities to incorporate into my color combinations. This also ensures the uniqueness of my work and its affordability. Asymmetrics are my trademark; I have been making asymmetric jewelry in anodized aluminum since 1981. Before that I worked in precious metals and learned to make my own tools. I enjoy my work tremendously and love the enthusiastic reception it gets. My jewelry is a celebration of life for the fun at heart!

Shown are examples of Sylvi's jewelry. Call for price and additional visuals.