Steve Appel

A former shipyard-welder, Steve is happily turning the nuts and bolts of his former profession into a successful career.  Steve began giving these metal sculptures as gifts to friends and coworkers.  They are the ones who told him to start selling them. So he began selling at craft shows on the weekends, still holding onto his job at the shipyard.  The plan changed when Steve was laid off in 1989.  He decided to make his hobby a full-time profession. 

 He makes his metal Bolt People out of nuts, bolts, ball bearings, and other metal fasteners.  He has over 200 varieties of metal figures doing all kinds of things, from work to recreation.  Some of the Bolt People are humorous others are quite artistic.

 Steve specializes in custom orders.  “There’s nothing I haven’t been able to figure out.” Some of his specialty creations include a full tennis court with players and metal people playing pool.  Even the pool table is detailed with balls and pockets.

Shown are examples of Steve's work.  Call or e-mail for price and additional visuals.