Sally Neilson

For the past 13 years Sally has immersed herself in the practice of storytelling through a visual means. She has developed a fascinating body of work that combines many aspects of fine art and illustrative qualities. She considers herself a contemporary narrative artist and allows her style to morph into more creative expressions over time.

 Sally was born in Salt Lake City, UT. And received her B.A. in theatre from the University of Utah. This background has translated to becoming a master storyteller. She has always engaged with audiences as an active performer- previously as a cliff diver, stuntwoman, and actress; now as a static trapezist, acrobat, and fire spinner. However, her artistic passion always comes back to acrylics.

 Sally Neilson has participated in 16 solo shows and 22 group shows. She’s been a guest artist for several groups ranging from elementary school to adults, won the public art honorarium twice for the Piano Arts for All project, participated in The Seagull Festival public art project, and was the featured artist in 2 different magazines. Sally is currently creating new bodies of fine art and illustrating her 1st children’s book: “Jungle Sleep”.