Deni Morrison



I graduated the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and spent the next fourteen years working in the licensing industry, designing for clients such as Nielsen Bainbridge, Marian Heath Greeting Cards, Sandylion, Target, Mervyns and more.

Then I began to paint.

Painting is expression at its freest: freedom in subject matter, format and medium.  When creating a painting, I literally ‘spend 20 hours to capture a moment.’  The joy of those 20 hours (for my larger works the investment is more like 200 hours) is in the craft—all that time spent rendering a moment focuses me on what I love most in the natural world: the beauty of Earth and sky, how the universe wastes nothing.

Made of hundreds of layers of paint, my paintings are textural jewels and fabulously tactile to touch.  My current work blends my graphic sensibilities and my passion for nature with my years spent remodeling vintage homes, where I discovered my favorite painting medium—latex.


As a child I collected the usual things.  Rocks.  Photographs of clouds.  Pennies I found in the street. Now that I’m grown with a child of my own, I still collect rocks, photographs of clouds, pennies found in the street … and sand.

 A by-product of living in Utah is my sand collection: baggies of color collected along dusty roads and busy highways.  I can’t help but be fascinated.  Sand is time’s remnant, the ground remains of dinosaurs, stone, fossils, lava, stardust and more.  With hundreds of bags of natural sand filling the corners of my studio, it seemed prudent to showcase the harmonious (and surprisingly endless) color combinations I’ve spent years collecting in sand and soil.

 My sand art reflects the ever-inspiring and always-changing palette of Southern Utah and the west.