Nick Albee

Born in 1981 and the youngest of three boys, Nick Albee grew up in Redlands, California where he enjoyed the outdoors life of camping, hiking, snowboarding and surfing. Drawing had always been part of his life but at age 25 he picked up a paintbrush and began painting for the first time. It was as if he had been painting all along. Coming from a line of oil painters, oil painting came naturally for Nick and he quickly began selling his work.

As a self-taught artist Nick quickly mastered the illusion of color, reflection, shadow, light and contrast. Nick developed a keen eye for detail in his subject matter and an ability to transfer it to his paintings. Nick found inspiration in his surrounding and has enjoyed living in places like Brazil, Hawaii’s North Shore of Oahu and Southern Utah.

Soon after moving his family from Oahu Hawaii to Saint George Utah, Nick made a transfer from Hawaiian seascape to southern Utah landscape. Because of his love for the ocean and surfing, it is rare to not find a body of water in his work. Mastering the art of reflection allows his work to stand out. With his vibrant colors and dramatic subject matter, his work is loaded with motion with waves crashing, trees blowing, waterfalls falling.  

His work will take you out of reality and into a fantasy of color and beauty. Nicks work has been featured in Restaurants, 5 Star Resorts, Magazines and the hit TV show “Hawaii Five-0”. Clients such as the World Surf League have commissioned his work for the X-Cel Pro surf contests first place winner Hank Gaskell of Maui in 2009.  Private collectors have inquired his talent to adore homes and offices around the country.