Steve Bramon

Sedona artist, Steve Bramon, is a 3rd generation bricklayer from Missouri. He spent many years mixing mortar, concrete and laying bricks. While attending Blackburn College in Carlinville Illinois, he developed an interest in art.

 He later studied with author, ceramicist and teacher, Dennis Parks, at Tuscarora Pottery School in Tuscarora, Nevada. In 1979, he moved to Sedona, Arizona to work with raku artist, Will Jacobson, at Canyon Pottery.

 He moved to Key West Florida in 1985 and became a contractor specializing in historic masonry restoration.

 In 1996, he moved to Maui and started Surface Tech Maui, specializing in architectural concrete finishes on floors and countertops. He began exploring cast concrete.

 He returned to Sedona in 2005 and started Bramon Restorations. He continued to experiment with cast concrete, working on shapes that could be used to build totems.

 In 2010, he designed and installed a floor medallion made of concrete and repurposed material for "Sedona Recycles."

 His concrete totems were jury selected for exhibition in "It's Elemental 2015" and 2016 at the Coconino Center for the Arts, in Flagstaff Arizona. They were awarded "Best in Show" in the Mixed Media category in 2015 and  "Best in Show" in 2016, for "Primativa".

 His home and studio is in the Village of Oak Creek, Arizona. He lives with his pet velociraptor Jack Russell and wife of 35 years, Rebecca.

 "I like to work with concrete because of its delicacy and strength. Concrete's willingness to be transformed, in form and texture, makes it the ideal medium for casting. My experience with masonry and ceramics gives me a unique perspective on my art."