Lynn Bean

 Lynn was born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan.  The Cereal Capital of the World home to Kellogg’s and Post.  Her father worked for post, heading up the printing facility and his occupation became her introduction to the business side of art: he would fly to New York and return with original artwork that was applied to the company’s packaging.

 Art came easily to Lynn.  When she was a high school junior she received a scholarship to a summer arts program at the University of Kansas, where she took classes in watercolor, oil painting and calligraphy. She attended the Illustration Department of the Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids.  Upon graduation she went to work for a local advertising agency and was a fashion illustrator.

 After several years as an illustrator she yearned for a different environment and soon found herself on a remote ranch where she was inspired by their domestic livestock and the detailed beauty of wild birds and animals, which led to a line of ink and watercolor paintings. Her paintings and drawings began to be featured in national exhibits, galleries and magazines. Enjoying the simplicity of a RV lifestyle, she began making the rounds of art shows throughout the west, dividing her time between Oregon and Arizona-where Lynn was drawn to work on American Indian and desert subjects.

 Lynn currently splits her time between Sumpter, Oregon and St. George, Utah.

Shown are examples of Lynn's work.  Call or email for prices or more visuals.