April Bower

      All the varied processes involved in metalworking have always fascinated April Bower. Her focus spans from jewelry to copper wall hangings. She developed “Patina Painting” on thin copper sheets, salvaged from industry leftovers, supported by wood backings, and made mostly of drop from a cabinet making operation.

      While earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, her jewelry work was experimental and creative in silver. After teaching metalsmithing and then apprenticing in fine jewelry and working exclusively in gold, diamonds and faceted stones for 18 years, she now finds that she has come full circle, back to the fun, creative, silver work. She is currently exploring the juxtaposition of texture vs. smooth, matte vs. polish while creating an extremely wearable work of art.

      Copper is an interesting metal, offering a huge range in colorations”. April, also a watercolorist, thinks painting with chemicals on copper is a lot like watercolor; “you never know exactly how it will turn out. It’s the results, and what you do with it that makes it interesting. It’s a balance between you controlling it…and it controlling you”

    Member of:  Society of North American Goldsmiths, American Crafts Council, a Juried member of The Arizona Artists Guild.

Shown are examples of April's work.  Call or e-mail for price and additional visuals.